The Protagonists have called a National Day of Action for June 17.

We are asking artists to take a stance, make an action – down tools, close your spaces, create a happening, a media event, or release a statement, MAKE A NOISE.
Your action can be anything you can dream of and produce that speaks to these issues. Make it ridiculous, profound, risky, media savvy! Your action is up to you.
We are collecting a chart of actions which you can use to get inspired, join an action near you, or share your own. Our media reach will be massive if we can tell the mainstream how many amazing creative actions will occur on June 17th!


1. Organise your action.
2. Let us know what you are planning to do, where, when, with whom and how to find out more by 13th June by using the below form or contacting us in any way which suits you. If you want to remain anonymous that’s totally fine, just give us any detail you can so others can know about it and join in.
3. ACT!
4. Share your documentation with us using #artprotagonists, and we will ensure it is proliferated widely!